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Favorite links on Leonbergers:
Link Comment
Swedish Leonberger Club Content-rich home of the Swedish Leonberger club
SLBK in Skåne Region Skåne activities, unofficial link
The Satakunta lions Finnish regional "lion club" with activities
Leodata New database with information on Leonbergers world-wide
The Leonberger database Multi-national bible, not as updated on recently born dogs

Favorite links on Leonberger friends:
Link Comment
Lejonklippan's Kennel Kaksi's and Tuffan's breeder
Mathoaka´s Kennel Reha's breeder
Enjoy Bears Kennel Bibbi is the local SLBK representative and breeder
Blizzmajazz Kennel Jenny's very personal page on her dogs and breeding
Leonflockens Kennel Jessica with fresh site and closest to us
Stormfälles Kennel As soon as there is a site Marie will get a link!
Martenlakes Kennel Kaksi's grandpa grew up here
Dragongårdens kennel With Petra you'll find Tuffan's father & other nice lions
Knickerbockers Kennel Pirre is great on both leonbergers, stickers & web
Vallonbygdens Kennel Catrin with her dogs
Varpelidens kennel Though Ann no longer breeds Leonbergers they still mean a lot to her
Leomas A lot of lions with warm-harted Mats and Lena
Amaleons kennel Annika with a recently established kennel
Norrbacka Gårds Kennel Soile & Christian with new kennel 2005, "lions" of course
Troxy &Lexie Mimmi also a SLBK rep, for Värmland
Franzesca & Pim-Pim Mats' two active lions with info on agility etc
Jack & Jonte Leonbergers showing off in obedience competitions
BoyZones kennel Kerstin presents her cozy lions
Hochspitz Mountain Dogs Karen with lions (one is Rehas half-niece)
Hellcats kennel Lindas' lions in the water and on land
Königslair Leonbergers With relatives to Kaksi (nieces) & Reha (brother) in Australia
Smilla & Simson Maria & Morgans' "little lions", nice photos
Mador Andrea from Hungary, nice pictures & huge links page
Lyonchamps kennel Yoanna and her new kennel with Lewis and Nemo
Leontassar Kristina with Tova and friends
Kennel Karvakatastrooffin Happy, sweet Mari with Donna, Arttu & St Bernhard(s)
Schäferligan Brave Irene, showing her dog's sins (synder)
Holmgrenskans Åsa has a mop, a ragged ball and a bedwarmer, still they are working dogs

Favorite links on dogs misc:
Link Comment
SKK Dog data Swedish Kennel club info on all registered dogs
FIN Dog data Finnish Kennel club excellent database
Animal Hospital The Animal Hospital in Malmö
Din Veterinär Very nice veterinary clinic in Helsingborg
Fass Fass on animal medicines
Animal diseases Karolinska Institute on links to disease information, comprehensive!
SNK Swedish Newfoundland Dog Club, water trials etc
Folksam Insure your dog, better safe than sorry

Favorite links on working dogs:
Link Comment
SBK competitions Calendar of Swedish competitions
HbgBK Helsingborgs Working Dog Club home page
LaBHK Landskrona Working Dog Club home page
Active dog - Aktiv hund With Swedish forum, chatroom and a lot of info
Staafs Hundråd Petra and others with dog(owner) training courses
Obedience Training Text and images on obedience training series from the magazine "Hundsport"
Rules Class I-III Swedish obedience competition rules (pdf-document)

Favorite links on Stuff & Books:
Link Comment
Bamses Bollar Leonberger corner, for both work and play!
Happy Dogs Björn is a very good photographer specializing in dogs Quick delivery and nice stuff
Häromi Almost everything for dog and cat at nice prices
AdLibris Books for & on dogs
Paulssons Bil Really nice cars and Kaksi & Reha are allowed to join dad's ogling

Favorite links on Web & Tools:
Link Comment
Oderland Our new web hosting service
StatCounter Counter and analysis tool, free up to a traffic limit
Web Design & HTML Evrsofts download page for the free tool 1st Page 2000
Widexl analysis tool Free analysis of important search engine parameters on your site
Firefox web browser Free and safer alternative to Internet Explorer
Google Search engine no 1 on the web